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8 Benefits of Video Games For Your Child


Many parents have their reservations about video game consoles and most times stop their children from playing them for fear that they will harm their children’s school performance. However, reviews on NorskeAnmeldelser have shown that the benefits of video games are myriad and we will be discussing some in this article.

1. Stimulates the Minds of Kids

Video games offer physiological benefits related to stimulating our brains that slow the natural aging process. Children who play video games make decisions that improve their cognitive functions and help them learn valuable skills and real-life lessons.

2. Helps Develop Math Skills.

In a large number of video games available on the Game zone, skills of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division are required to achieve results. For example, soccer (and multi-sport) games require lengthy negotiations and calculations to get the intended players.

3. It Helps Kids Socialize. 

Today, playing online is something normal for a child. The only likely limitation is not having an internet connection or the fact that some games are paid (and expensive). Beyond this, you might be surprised to see the teamwork that some games call for. Community games make the child establish contact with “gamers” from other cities and countries. Besides, they can play with their friends while being physically in the same place, establishing links for healthy competition.

4. Stimulates Their Imagination

Children like to explore new worlds, different ways of seeing life, and even have a perspective (albeit virtual) of the reality around them. They will be able to learn about the atrocity of wars, the complexity of the world of work, and the benefits of sports, among many other things.

5. Improves Reading Habit

Studies suggest that the reading skills of children who play video games may improve slightly. It also appears to be true in children who have difficulty reading, and even when it comes to action games. Researchers think this is because children need to decipher written instructions to play. There is also the fun factor. Children who are reluctant to open a traditional book may rush to read a website or Internet forum for the latest on their favorite game. However, that does not mean that video games should replace books.

6. Visuospatial Skills

Many games, like Minecraft, take place in virtual 3D scenarios that children have to navigate. And there is no GPS or app to guide them. The result is that children when playing have the opportunity to practice their visuospatial skills, and therefore better understand distance and space.

7. They Do Not Pose Any Danger

It is practically impossible for a child to injure himself playing in front of the computer or television. Also, it is the ideal entertainment for rainy or cold days and reduces the risk of getting injured by playing in the street or in the house.

8. Develop Their Capabilities

You don’t always win in video games. So, in a way, they are a way of expanding tolerance for failure. To win, it takes a lot of effort, practice, learning, and perseverance. These qualities can be reinforced through video games and applied to other areas.

Finally, you should bear in mind that, despite the benefits of video games for children, they should not become the central axis of their life. That is, they should not “live to play.” If you observe excessive individualism, a beginning of gambling (gambling addiction), or violent behavior on the part of your child, you should know that it is time to set limits or, in any case, turn to a professional.