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Exploring What Sets Apart Winning Esports Teams

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The esports sector isn’t exactly short on standout team rosters. Between the likes of League of Legends, Valorant, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, you have hundreds of teams playing in the upper tournament tiers alone. That’s before you start heading down the league table and exploring regional tournaments. Of course, some esports teams are more successful than others. Iconic lineups like Invictus Gaming, FaZe Clan, and T1 might now all have some serious funding behind them, but it’s not capital that sets them apart from their rivals.

If It Works, Why Fix It?

Some of the best esports teams on the planet have seen very few changes to their rosters over the years. While there have been some movers and shakers, some esports teams have maintained the same line-up for what seems like forever. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is home to some of the most established teams currently participating in professional esports, with the likes of Vega Squadron and having had team rosters that remained unchanged for several years.

Great Teams Know How to Create a Story

Of course, some teams like to do things their way. In November 2023, legendary Dota 2 team, BOOM Esports, shocked fans and rival squads with a roster change pretty much unheard of in the professional gaming world. Rather than bid farewell to one or two long-serving players, BOOM Esports revealed that the entire squad would be departing ahead of the 2023-24 season. Some think that this was BOOM Esports deciding to bow out on their terms before a humiliating relegation. Others hold out hopes that a new lineup of fresh blood is waiting in the wings.

Should we be bracing for BOOM’s next chapter, or are we seeing the valiant final act of a team that once dominated professional Dota 2 gaming? Either way, one thing is for sure, BOOM Esports sure knows how to put on a show.

Killer Communication Skills

Any team-based competition relies on first-rate communication skills. However, they’re arguably more important in esports than on the basketball court or baseball field. Find a match that’s about to start on and settle in to see how teams actually talk to each other during play. The majority of games played at the upper levels of esports feature a communication system as a core gameplay component. Some rely on text-based interactions, while others have voice functionality. A great player needs to be able to use both channels effectively, while concise interactions are key to success. Meanwhile, you’ll never encounter a self-respecting pro player who doesn’t know their way around a complete callout vocabulary.

In theory, anyone can perfect these skills. Putting them into practice on the pro circuit is a different matter entirely. You need to know when to jump to support a teammate and time a joint offensive with pinpoint accuracy. If you’re not communicating with your fellow players, even the most basic strategies aren’t going to take shape.

Always Accept Defeat Graciously

Some players respond better to a bad result than others. Take Nikola ‘NiKo’ Kovac, for example. This Bosnian-born esports star is often considered one of the best Global Offensive players of all time, but he’s also got a pretty extensive rap sheet when it comes to rage quitting. One of his most recent fiery displays of disappointment came in September 2023 when the G2 Esports roster lost a round to Complexity Gaming. While he’s unlikely to lose his status as CSGO’s best-ever rifler, NiKo’s behavior flies in the face of what constitutes good sportsmanship.

There’s more to being a successful team than winning trophies and securing unbroken winning streaks. If a team wants to earn a place in the hearts and minds of audiences, they need to demonstrate displays of good sportsmanship. It’s good form for the losing side to offer their congratulations to the victors, no matter how down they’re feeling after a defeat. They also need to show restraint in the aftermath of a losing result. Fans who were once fully behind them may now have turned into online trolls, spewing vitriol over social media. While those trolls won’t be generating headlines and jeopardizing their careers, an esports player might if they take the bait and reply in kind.

Follow Your Favorite Teams in Action

Esports is one of the most dynamic competitive markets around. With thousands of games readily accessible online, you’ll never be short of essential viewing. Whether you’re a diehard Dota 2 fan or are crazy about Counter-Strike, there’s always a nail-biting match to look forward to. However, it’s star players and legendary rosters that have transformed esports into the global phenomenon it is today. With curious characters that rival the big personalities of the boxing world, it’s easy to throw your support behind an esports roster.