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Valorant Ranked Explained: Ranks, MMR, and More

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This article covers up the rank system of valorant and all you need to know about it. Valorant competitive mode is finally available and today we’re going to talk about how the rank system works and how to climb up in the rank.

So, the head developer of valorant and competitive just released an article and the first thing that came with this news is the new ranks that they have in the game. They have changed the names from being things such as soldier and veterans and change it to names most people are more familiar with such as silver gold platinum, etc.

Valorant Ranks

The ranks start from iron and go bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, immortal, and valorant and each of these has three tiers within them except for the top-ranked valorant. Now when it comes to being able to play ranked you must play at least 20 unranked games to be eligible.

This is done to give players that warm-up before getting into ranked games they don’t come without any knowledge of the game so they’re a bit more familiar with what to expect when they’re playing this also just makes it fairer for people who are more experienced in the game so they’re not playing with someone who has no idea what they’re doing.

How to rank up

So, once you have your rank in the game you’re probably going to wonder how you can rank up so when you first start playing competitive your individual performance will have a greater impact on your rank. So this means you know if you’re doing well on your team or the MVP of every game you have a great KD doing a lot of damage that means that you’ll gain more rank if you win and lose less rank if you lose.

However, over time once the ranking system is better able to gauge your skill level your individual performance will have less of an effect. It is important to remember though that your individual performance will still factor into your rank even in the long run and this is done to encourage people not to give up and play their best regardless of how their team is doing as they don’t want people who are just going to throw or not try in the game so remember always try your best in-game as this will factor into your overall rank even if you win or lose.

Overtime though either way they did say that your individual performance will matter less and what will matter more is how well your team does so this will be the most impactful thing and it will be used to determine how much your rank increase or decreases and this is basically whether your team wins or loses and by how much so if you absolutely destroy a team you win 13 to 2 your rank will go up much more than if you want to games like 13 to 11.

What I just said about how to rank up applies to every rank except for valorant which is the highest rank. In this rank, the individual performance is not considered at all and the reason Riot Games has done this is that they believe that everyone in the valorant rank has already earned their spot there so they don’t have to worry about people not being good enough or not carrying their weight. All they care about in this case is how well the team does as a whole.

Now a big thing that people are going to care about with the addition of valorant Competitive is the integrity of the game and when it comes to this they have put many things in place within the ranking system to try to keep things as balanced and fair as possible.

Match Queuing Rules

The first thing they added is the rule where you can only queue with someone six tiers above or below you so if you’re let’s say gold two you can only play with people as high as diamond two and as low as iron two now this is done in many other games such as Overwatch and they do this because they’re not going to have someone in the game which is just so much better than everyone else and it’s going to automatically help one team win they also have the aspect of factoring your performance into your rank.

Now since they want to eliminate this by factoring in people’s individual performance they’re able to not have people getting carried as much so let’s say you win but you have someone on your team who carried your team and got so many more kills and is the reason you guys won they will rank up so much quicker than someone who was at the bottom of the leader board and didn’t perform as well.

Group Queuing

You also can queue for games in groups of up to five people and when it comes to balancing this they made it so they’re matchmaking system takes your group size into a queue and favors queuing you up against other people a similar party size and I was obviously not guaranteed it’s going to be dependent on how many people are searching for games but they’re going to do their best to make sure that they keep things as fair as possible.

Rank from Beta Version will Not be Transferred to Full Release

Now the last thing to consider and this is pretty important is that you’re ranked from the beta will not carry over to the full release of the game so it doesn’t matter how well you do and you get a rank in the closed beta this won’t carry over although playing in the closed beta will give you a better experience and will most likely help you perform better in the long run when the full game does come out.

 Also if you are active in competitive and do not play at least one competitive game every 14 days your rank will not a decrease so I know with overwatch if you reach the sort of rank and you weren’t playing consistently every day your rank would slowly decrease this isn’t going to be the case for valorant and however instead of this your rank will not be displayed if you don’t play for at least 14 days but your rank will show up again once you play at least one competitive game now.

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