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Everything You Need to Know About Brawl Stars’ New Ranked Mode


Brawl Stars has always been an excellent game for competitive players, and with the introduction of the new Ranked mode, the stakes have just risen!

Gone are the days of Power League, as this latest update, unveiled in the most recent Brawl Talk, brings a fresh competitive system into the game.

Unveiling the Rules of Ranked Mode

The ranked mode has been designed to cater to players of all levels, from the eager novices in Bronze to the battle-hardened veterans in Diamond and beyond. With distinct rule sets for Gold and Diamond matches and the introduction of three new game modifiers, ranked mode aims to test every player.

Bronze to Gold: The Foundation of Competition

In the foundational tiers from Bronze to Gold, players face off in straightforward, best-of-one matches. This level is about proving your worth in quick, decisive battles without the complexity of brawler bans. To participate, ensure you’ve levelled up at least three Brawlers to Power Level 9.

Diamond and Beyond: The Ultimate Test

Climbing the ranks to Diamond and higher transforms the competition. Here, matches evolve into a best-of-three format. With a requirement of 12 Brawlers at Power Level 9 and the introduction of brawler bans, players must demonstrate a good understanding of the game and its characters.

The Game Changers: New Ranked Modifiers

To keep the competition fresh and engaging, Ranked mode introduces three innovative modifiers:

  • Quickfire: Every successful hit replenishes 10% of your Brawler’s ammo, rewarding accuracy and aggression.
  • Big Friend: This modifier sets all Brawlers’ health to the highest value within their team, emphasizing teamwork and strategic positioning.
  • Timed Detonation: With this, the environment becomes a player as objects on the map gradually deteriorate and explode, adding a layer of dynamic strategy to each match.

Rewards and Seasons: The Spoils of War

Ranked mode operates monthly, ensuring the arena is always brimming with fresh challenges and opportunities for glory. The first season will close on April 3, 2024, and a new competitive era will begin, promising rich rewards and relentless competition.

The rewards in Ranked mode are more tempting than ever, with players standing a chance to earn Epic, Mythic, and Legendary items. Ranked Star Drops add another layer of excitement, offering exclusive cosmetics and skins that can’t be found elsewhere.

Each season introduces a unique Ranked Skin, starting with the Dynasty Mike for March. Additionally, reaching new ranks presents a Ranked Battle Card.

Embrace the Challenge

The new Ranked mode in Brawl Stars is a test of skill, teamwork, and adaptability. Whether battling through the first few ranks or playing in the elite tiers, there’s always something new to learn, achieve, and conquer. Are you looking to boost your game further? Why not pick up a Brawl Stars account or explore more Brawl Stars content on our site?